Youth Group ca 1952

This is a photograph of a Youth Group taken in the sanctuary in the early 1950s prior to the sanctuary being renovated in 1953 (note old benches).  The occasion is unknown, but they are dressed in their “Sunday Best” clothes.  Geralene Champion and Clarene Bennett have identified most of the individuals in the front rows of the photograph.  Please let us know if there is anyone you believe has been misidentified or who is listed as unknown in the photograph.

1st Row:  Freddie Sharpe, Richard Blackwelder, Tim Haithcock, Clarene Bennett, Dell Parker
2nd Row:  Modena Blackwelder, Leon McCauley, Mickie Stanfield, Joe Blackwelder, Carroll Brown, Paul Williams
3rd Row:  Dorthy Mitchell, Merle Mitchell, Phyllis Blake Richmond, Dolly Strayhorn Roberts
4th Row:  Hilda Strayhorn (?), Jackie Lloyd (?), Alice Hurst, Marlene Oakley
5th Row:  Bruce Richmond, Douglas Woods, Everette Rosemond
6th Row:  Johnny Reeves (?), Unknown
7th Row:  Unknown, Bobby Forest (?), Paul Carr (?)

Most of the Unknowns are on the back four rows.  The following image has been enlarged to better show individuals in the back four rows to help us identify these individuals.  Contact the church office or historian if you know any of the individuals in this section.

                             Seventh Row

                            Sixth Row

                             Fifth Row

                         Fourth Row
                         Third Row