Vol 3: No 1 Winter 2014

Sunday School Board Certificate, 1940

This certificate was issued to the Laura Reeves Sunday School (Bible) Class on June 26, 1940.  The Sunday School Board at Nashville was established by the Southern Baptist Convention in the session of 1891, at Birmingham, Alabama.  Dr. J. M. Frost was the Board’s founder and, in time, its publications became paramount as Bible study resources for Southern Baptist.

Laura Anne Johnson Reeves was born on September 15, 1861.  She joined the church in 1911, the same year that her husband, Fredrick Sampson Reeves died.  Together, they had 7 children.  Mrs. Reeves was a dedicated Sunday School teacher who taught the TEL (Timothy, Eunice and Lois) class for twelve years.  When a new class was formed in 1934, it was named after her.  She was 92 years of age when she died on February 19, 1954.  She is buried in the Hillsborough Town Cemetery. As they grew older, the women in the Laura Reeves SS class eventually joined other women’s classes and the Reeves Class no longer exists.
J. G. Goodwin, Jr., Missionary to Korea

James Garland (J.G.) Goodwin was ordained by our church on Sunday May 11, 1952.  The ministers that examined and recommended him for ordination were Dr. Charles E. Maddry (pastor), J.E. Green, W.W. Abernathy, W. H. Rittenhouse, J.C. Rittenhouse and S.W. Oldham.  Born in Fairmont, Robeson County, NC in 1928, Goodwin moved at an early age with his family to Hillsborough.  His parents, J.G. and Esther Willington Goodwin became members of First Baptist in 1935.

Goodwin, a graduate of Wake Forest College and the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth, TX., gave his life to Christ at age 11 during a revival held at the church by Dr. Maddry, then Executive Director of Foreign Missions. He married June Batson, a native of Greenville County, S.C., in 1953.  She graduated also from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a degree in religious education.  Their son, James (Jimmy) Garland Goodwin, III was two years old when his parents were appointed as foreign missionaries to Korea. They left San Francisco, CA aboard the President Wilson on October 11, 1956 for Seoul, Korea and spent the next 40 years on the mission field in that Nation.  Their second son, Johnny, was born a year after they arrived in Korea.

In addition to evangelical work, Goodwin served as Business Director of the Wallace Memorial Hospital in Pusan, as Director of the Joint Literature Department responsible for publishing Sunday School literature and as head of the Mass Communications Department of the Korea Baptist Mission in Seoul. Prior to his retirement, Goodwin served as the chief administrator of the Korea Baptist Mission overseeing the work of 150 missionaries.  He, and wife June, currently live in Raleigh, NC.  June has promised to send us photographs of their time in Korea to add to our church’s archives. A more detailed description of J.G. and June’s work in Korea is being prepared to be published on our website.

Living Nativity Scene
This photograph appeared on December 26, 1974 in the Orange County News.  The caption reads, “A birth long ago was re-enacted this week at the First Baptist Church in Hillsborough with (l to r) Joseph and Mary (Bob and Beth Byrd) and shepherds Lynn Ward, Betsy Martin and Jimmy Hutcherson, in adoration of the Christ Child”.  Photograph was taken by Lyn Whitley.  Bob and Beth are the son and daughter of Jane and Earl Byrd.  Lynn Ward Roberts is the daughter of Tom and Joyce Ward and an active member of our church.  Betsy’s and Jimmy’s parents are former members of our church who have since moved away. 

A Special Invitation
This postcard printed by Broadman Supplies, Nashville, TN dates from the 1950s or 1960s and was used to encourage children (and their parents) to attend Sunday School.  It reminds us of the importance of inviting individuals to join our bible study groups and to let them know when they are missed.  The History and Records Committee is interested in collecting similar items for our archival collection of Baptist memorabilia.  Should you have photographs, postcards, pins or other items that you would be willing to donate to the church, we would be interested in discussing this with you.  Contact our historian, Reg Carter, or any other member of the Committee.

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