Vol 2: No 3 Fall 2013

Celebrating 100 years of Missions Education for Girls!
In 1909 a committee overseeing the YWA (Young Woman’s Auxiliary) recommended developing an organization for girls ages 12-16 to be called Junior YMAs.  By 1912, several states reported having separate organizations for girls aged 12–16, but 1913 is claimed as the official founding of what the Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) called Junior Auxiliaries.  The following year, the WMU began publishing programs for Girl Auxiliaries (GAs) and by the 1940s had established a coronation service to recognize completion of missionary related activities and by the 1950s was producing crown, scepter and cape used in these services. 

Our church archives has a set of black and white photographs taken during a Coronation Service held in June 1958 for June Reeves, Becky Arrington and Wilma Riley (three girls top row).  Most of the individuals in the photograph have been identified.  You can see the entire set of photographs with the names of the individuals appearing on the photographs on the church’s website - historian’s corner/photograph ID section.

Emily Scott Memorial Rose Garden
 Emily Adelaide Dodson Scott was born on January 4, 1897.  She married Clyde Hays Scott born in 1896.  They had six children, Edna, Melvin, Roland, Philip, Doris, and Hilda. Roland is the deceased husband of current church member, Barbara Scott.  Clyde served as a private in the Army during WWI, leaving for duty August 1918.  Emily died on January 5, 1979 at age 82.  Clyde died in 1990; both are buried in the Hillsborough Town Cemetery.  Emily was a faithful member of the church for over 30 years.
Soon after her death, the Scott’s family donated funds to establish and maintain a memorial garden in her memory.   For over 25 years, the roses from this garden have adorned our sanctuary, announced the birth of children and grandchildren and brought joy to our shut-ins.  We appreciate all who have served on the Rose Garden Ministry Teams over the years.  Next time you get a chance, stop and enjoy the Roses!

Interesting Tidbits about Former Pastors – Dr. Jeffery Porter was our guest speaker for home coming this year.  The Church first welcomed him to the pulpit in October 1996.  He, Susan and their 15-year-old son, Bradsher, arrived in Orange County on the heels of Hurricane Fran.  Trees littered the streets and people were grieved by the damage.  He soon discovered the sacrificial work ethic of the congregation, and for the next five years labored with them in the ministry of the church with the same zeal they used to rebuild their hometown. After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Porter again had to lead the congregation through the tragedy’s aftermath that evening and the following Sunday.

While at Hillsborough, he received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Emory University. In December 2001, he left Hillsborough to become the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church, Statesville, NC.  He is currently serving as the Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Iredell County, Statesville, NC.

Biographies have been written for all of our former pastors and can be found on the church’s website.

Red Journal Minutes Transcribed
Thanks primarily to Clarene Bennett, the historic handwritten minutes of church conferences, from the founding of the church until the end of WWII, have been transcribed into electronic (digital) files that can be easily accessed and word searched for content.  Reg Carter transcribed membership list found in the back of the book listing members from 1853 through 1907.  The names on the membership list will be entered into a genealogical database being prepared by the History and Records Foundational Team.  Janet Marks and Geralene Champion are currently editing the transcribed material which hopefully will be ready to print and release by the end of 2013.  The next task will be to transcribe remaining handwritten minutes of church conferences from the 1950s and 1960s.  Most of the minutes are typed after the 1960s and can be scanned into electronic files and edited.  More recent minutes exist as digital files.  We hope to have all the church conference minutes captured electronically by the end of 2014.

FBC History Club – We plan to organize a history club this fall to give individuals an opportunity to become engaged in efforts to preserve and learn more about the history and legacy of our congregation in context with other religious events that occurred in our community over time.  Our aim is to make learning history enjoyable, have lively discussions, and engage guest speakers to broaden our understanding.  By honoring the faithfulness of past generations of believers, we hope to learn from their experiences and to apply this knowledge to current and future decisions and actions.
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