How You Can Help

Donate Historical Materials to the Church Library and Archive
  • Has your family or relatives been a member of the church for many years?
  • Do you have old photographs of family or other church members who used to attend the church or photographs taken at the church of groups, former pastors, staff, interim pastors, events, buildings, and so forth?
  • Do you have newspaper clippings of articles, obituaries, or other scrapbook items that are relative to the life of the church?
  • Do you have old bulletins, newsletters, books, or other documents and memorabilia of historical interest to the church?
  • Do you have documents, books, reports or other documents and memorabilia of historical interest to Baptist in general?
If the answer is yes, please consider donating these precious materials to the First Baptist Church Library and Archive, where they will be preserved for future generations to enjoy and study.   Now, with the advent of digital technology, it is even possible to share your personal mementos with the library and archive without having to donate them. With your permission, we can borrow your materials, scan them, and add them to our historical collection on the Web, while you keep possession of the originals.

Become a Volunteer
We are actively seeking volunteers! We have an especially high need now, and volunteers can help with a wide range of projects. Example projects include:
  • Developing genealogical database listing names of past and current members of the church from church conference minutes, Sunday School class roles, Bulletins, Newsletters and other materials.
  • Creating electronic files containing all the church conference minutes and minutes of deacon meetings.
  • Identifying individuals on photographs and slides chosen for the digital photographic collection.
  • Transcribing oral history interviews.
  • Research involving visits to local, regional and state libraries and archives, Internet searches, and personal contact by telephone or email.
  • Writing articles or creating exhibits for the church’s website.
Give us your Comments and Suggestions
We appreciate any comments, corrections or suggestions that will improve the history webpages.  Do you have recollections that you would like to share with us or areas that you would like us to explore in more depth?  Let us know.

If you are interested in donating historical materials to the collection, volunteering or have comments and suggestions please contact the Church Office at 223 W. King Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278; phone: (919) 732-8174 phone or Email at