Hester Caldwell Class Progressive Meal Party - November 1989

The following series of photographs were taken by Peggie Murrary at Harry and Shirley Robinson’s home in November 1989.  The Hester Caldwell Sunday School Class was named in honor of Mrs. Caldwell who was the wife of Pastor Charles A. Caldwell (1928-1937) and the mother of longtime church member, Modena Blackwelder.  A progressive dinner is a dinner party where each course of the meal is served at a different host’s home.  The Robinson’s home was the last stop for dessert.

> Kent Murray^>Terry Colville, Amy Hardee^>Harry and Shirley Robinson, Steve Durham, Harold Strayhorn  ^>Ron Colville, Chris Staley, Michael and Susan DeBartolo, Deborah Belvin, Gert Rippy, Edna Smith, Billie White, Woody Woods, Catherine Calloway, Carol Durham, Louise and Winkie Roberts, Roxanne Woods ^>Jack and Nancy Knight, Pam Staley, Conner Belvin, Jimmy Rippy, Brightie White, Janet and Phil Whitaker, Carol and Richard Smith, Gwen and Donnie Phillips (taken November 1989 by Peggie Murray)

Shirley Robinson, Steve Durham, Louise and Winkey Roberts, Peggie Murray and Catherine Calloway.


Roxanne Woods, Terry Colville, Amy Hardee, Louise Roberts and Ron Colville.


  Catherine Calloway, Nancy Knight, Pam Staley and Deborah Belvin