Girls Auxiliary Coronation June 1958

In 1914, the Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) changed the name of their Junior Young Women’s Association to the Girls' Auxiliary (GA).  In the 1940s, the WMU published the first Coronation Service and in the 1950’s began producing and marketing the crown, scepter, and cape to be used in the Service.  Prior to this, many of the GA groups made their own regalia as suggested in the GA literature.   The GA emblem was adopted in 1915; a white star bearing the gold GA monogram and enclosed by a green octagon edged with gold. The star represented the Star Ideals. The colors of the GA emblem were meaningful—the green was for growth; the white for purity; and the gold for sincerity.  The following are photographs that were taken primarily in our church sanctuary of a coronation service held in June 1958.  Geralene Champion and Clarene Bennett have been able to identify most of the participants.  Please let us know the names of those who are unidentified in the photographs.

 1. Unknown                    2. Andrew Brown              3. Gwen Knight            4. Martha Faulkner
5. Cindy Culbreth            6. Jimmy Culbreth             7. Dave Walters           8. Unknown             
 9. Avis Lloyd                   10. Barbara Riley               11. Marion Crabtree      12. Vicki Coleman   
13. Barbara Scott               14. Anne Crabtree            15. Linda Mitchell           16. Johnny Midgette
17.  June Reeves              18. Becky Arrington           19.  Wilma Riley


           Martha Faulkner, Betty Arrington and Dave Walters
                                                     Marion Crabtree, Anne Crabtree and Linda Mitchell

June Reeves, Becky Arrington and Wilma Riley