Vol 3: No 3 Summer 2014

Vacation Bible School (VBS)
I’m not sure when the first VBS was held at FBC Hillsborough, but this photograph from our archives appears to have been taken about 1950 when Paul Thomas Deaton was pastor.  It seems for Baptist that the origins of VBS began in July 1898 when Mrs. Walker Aylette Hawes of the Epiphany Baptist Church located on the eastside of New York City began a six weeks, summer Bible school that included music, Bible stories and memorization of scripture.  Other activities included games, crafts, drawing, and cooking. The school was so popular that others began to spring up in New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago.  In 1911, Dr. Robert Bovilleand, who worked for the Baptist Mission Society, established the Daily Vacation Bible School Association as a national organization. In 1923, he left to promote VBS internationally and founded the World Association of Vacation Bible Schools. The same year, Standard Publishing in Cincinnati began publishing a full-scale VBS program that was divided by grade levels in 1948. Other publishing companies soon became involved in supplying workbooks, scripture memorization cards, illustrated Bible stories and so forth.

I remember fondly attending VBS as a child growing up in Maiden, NC.  My mom kept everything, including items from VBS, which I have donated to our church’s archival collection. Shown here is a set of five scripture cards printed by the Broadman Press, Nashville, TN in 1954. 

This year’s Vacation Bible School will be June 22-26 (Sunday-Thursday) from 6:00 pm to 8:10 pm.  Please pray for our directors, teachers and students as they carry on a wonderful summer Christian tradition.

Hines Memorial Garden

Ruby Hines was born on November 8, 1909 in Neuse, a small rural community near Wake Forest, NC.   At age 11 months, she contracted polio and lost use of her left arm.  Her father died during the influenza epidemic in 1918 leaving her mother with four young children.  Her mother eventually remarried but died when Ruby was 14; leaving Ruby on her own. Ruby and her grandmother finally ended up in Hillsborough, staying with relatives.  Although in school, Ruby had to dropout to work in the Eno Mill to support her grandmother and herself.  She lacked only two courses to graduate. The school’s principal, Grady Brown, talked two teachers into providing Ruby night courses so she could complete high school.  She eventually attended Kings Business College in Raleigh and got an office job in the Burlington Mills.

After a brief failed first marriage, Ruby married Paul Shelton who at the time lived in Gretna, VA.  Paul moved to Hillsborough and opened a service station.  She joined the Frist Baptist church in Hillsborough in 1953, becoming an active member.  When Paul died in 1969, she was on her own again.  But God provided another “help-mate” – Charlie Hines, whom she married in 1979.  Ruby served as a deacon, president of the Baptist Women Union, taught the ladies’ Fidelis Class for 35 years and served on many committees.  She was a member and served as president of the Business and Professional Women’s’ Club.  Charlie died in 1995.  Ruby died on May 15, 2007 and her remaining family provided funds for the memorial garden.  A fitting tribute for a woman who’s faith brought her through many rough spots. 
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