Church Policies and Guidelines Manual

Committees and Ministries
I. Committees-Foundational Administration of Church Functions
Rotating in three year appointments
Church Members
Church staff cannot serve as committee members—[only ex officio]

A. Committee on Committees
  • To study the standing committees of the Church and to seek information concerning methods or restructuring that would enhance the workings of the committees in the internal and outreach ministries of the Church which may be implemented by church approval;
  • To coordinate and implement a plan which shall attempt to involve members in service as members of a standing committee or ministry, recommending members and chairs of all standing committees and ministries to the Church for election on an annual basis in accordance with the Church Calendar;
  • To recommend to the Church Conference the number of persons needed for each committee and ministry to perform its function and the term of service for each person on foundational committees;
  • To serve as motivators and interpreters of responsibilities to these committees.

B. Finance Committee
  • To study the financial needs and assets of the Church's ministry, property, staff, and contingency needs, and by consultation with the other church committees and staff to recommend an annual budget and financial program on a schedule in accordance with the Church Calendar;
  • To research options as to ways and means of obtaining funds to meet the needs of the Church Budget and of other projects brought to its attention;
  • To recommend to the Church Conference such disbursements and gifts not normally covered by a budget item;
  • To evaluate memorial gifts to the Church other than those designated, and to make recommendation to the Church Conference regarding acceptance;
  • To provide a quarterly financial report to the Church Conference;
  • To serve as a monitoring group for the overall financial program of the Church.              
C.  History and Records Ministry
  • Shall consist of no less than three (3) members nominated by the Committee on Committees and the church’s librarian, clerk and historian. 
  • Will assist the church in making, keeping and managing accurate, comprehensive records of its current life and work;
  • Gather and safeguard all historical records of the church;
  • Help the church understand and learn from its history;
  • Help church members know and appreciate their larger heritage as Baptists;
  • Update the history of the church periodically and publish items that will make the membership more conscious of our rich heritage.
  • Plan and coordinate celebrations of major historical events and milestones in collaboration with other standing committees of the church.
D.  Nominating Committee
  • To develop an overall objective of identifying potential leaders in the Church through consultation with the Church Staff, officers, organizations, and the general church body, and to encourage these leaders to service in the Church's ministries;
  • To assist the Christian Education Council and Sunday School Directors in appointing teachers, assistants, substitutes and volunteers for the Sunday School;
  • To recommend the slate of officers prepared by the Christian Education Council to the Church Conference;
  • To recommend the Chair and members of the Committee on Committees;
  • To recommend the Sunday School Director(s)to the Church Conference;
  • To recommend officers (Trustees, Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Librarian, Clerk, and Historian) to the Church Conference other than those of the Diaconate
E. Personnel Committee
  • To develop a plan that continually assesses the staff needs of the Church, making recommendations to the Diaconate and Church Conference as needed;
  • To prepare and update as needed job descriptions for all paid staff;
  • To assist in recruiting and screening supportive staff;
  • To recommend salaries and benefits for staff members to the Finance Committee;
  • To serve as a support group for staff members and as a sounding board for any grievances, moral problems, or commendations;
  • To mediate disagreements among staff and to recommend to the Diaconate any disciplinary action;
  • To relieve support staff members of duties if necessary.
F. Properties Committee
  • To maintain and continually update an inventory of all church real and personal property as prescribed by the FBC Property Use Policy.
  • To inspect all church properties as prescribed by the FBC Property Use Policy and report any findings or recommendations to the church.
  • To clearly communicate any warnings of unsafe conditions to the entire church body.
  • To maintain records of inspections and corrective actions.
  • To work with Buildings and Grounds to:
  • Establish a system of regular maintenance of all church property and equipment and to maintain records for all maintenance.
  • To develop lists of detailed regular tasks and procedures for custodial, lawn and landscaping services.
  • To appoint a staff or church member as Safety Coordinator who will oversee the implementation of the safety policies and procedures of the church and make recommendations for enhanced policies and procedures.
  • To work with the Usher ministry team to:
  • Develop and recommend to the church specific measures to provide safety and security for church facilities.
  • To regularly review existing safety/security measures and make recommendations to the church.
  • To oversee the following as prescribed by the FBC Property Use Policy:
  • Use of Church Personal Property.
  • Use of Facilities by Members Outside of Corporate Meetings, including kitchen and food service facilities.
  • Non-Church Use of Facilities, including kitchen and food service facilities
  • Use of Church Recreational Facilities.
  • Use of Church Parking Lot
  • Church Land Rental
  • Use of Fellowship Hall
  • To work with the Finance Committee to assure that the church maintains an appropriate level of insurance.
  • To work with the Trustees and Financial Administrator to assure that no use of church property could jeopardize our tax exempt status.
  • To study needs regarding real property and major equipment and to make such purchases as are approved by the Church Conference;
  • To see that repairs and maintenance of church properties are performed as necessary if within an amount pre-approved by the Church Conference;
  • To recommend to the Church Conference with the approval of the Finance Committee all needed repairs, equipment, furnishings, and insurance exceeding budgeted amounts;
  • To provide for the proper heating and cooling of the church building and other church properties;
  • To recognize the authority granted to the Trustees of the Church and to consult with them on matters concerning their jurisdiction.
  • Click here to view the Property Use Policy Manual
G. Teller Committee
  • To develop and implement a policy of counting and depositing monies received by the Church;
  • To assist the Treasurer in maintaining a financial record of gifts
H. Worship and Music Committee
  • To assist the Pastor and Ministerial Staff in evaluating the worship experiences of the Church;
  • To solicit the support and involvement of the Church in the choirs offered through the music program;
  • To be aware of the general conditions of the instruments and other equipment and to make recommendations to the Finance Committee as needed for additions or replacements;
  • To recommend to the Church Conference lay choir directors as needed.

II. Ministries—Service for the Church Mission
  • Each ministry may have a leadership core of three to five persons which are church members
  • Non-scheduled rotation
  • Rotate at member’s request to Committee on Committees
  • May include a volunteer team composed of members and non-members; non-members may not serve in the leadership core]
  • Church staff may not serve as ministry core leaders except ex-officio] 

A. Bereavement Ministry 
  • Provide a meal for the families after the death of a family member who is a church member;
  • Contact the pastor to obtain the date, time and total of people for whom to prepare. 
  • Contact the family to offer the church pall (located in the Prayer Chapel) for use at the funeral and coordinate its use.
  • Chairperson calls several lead members who contact others to bring side dishes and beverages;
  • The church provides the ham for the meal and the rest of food is donated by ministry volunteers; 
  • Participation is on a need to work basis—only when there  is the death of a church member who would like this meal;
  • Volunteers set up, serve and clean up following the meal.

B. Chrismon Tree Ministry
  • To set up and take down the Chrismon tree in conjunction with the decorating of the church each Christmas;
  • To pack and store the Chrismon tree and decorations in a manner to protect the items;
  • To request funds from the Finance Committee as needed for repairs and/or replacement of Chrismon tree and decorations as necessary.

C. Communications and Technology Ministry
Effective communications is central to the health and vibrancy of any ministry and organization.  Toward that goal, the mission of the FBC Communications Committee is to effectively share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the ministry of First Baptist Church of Hillsborough to the congregation and to the wider community using an array of communications tools – both electronic and paper - in order to build fellowship, to support the vision of the Church, to strengthen the congregation and grow the church, to minister to and with the youth, and to advance opportunities for service, all the while insuring that all constituents can be reached regardless of their mode of communication.
The Communications Committee will work collaboratively with FBC staff, ministers, committees, and Church leadership to insure the professional, accurate and timely production and dissemination of information using (but not limited to) the following:  The Messenger, Sunday Service Bulletins, Wednesday Service Bulletins, Church (monthly) Calendar, FBC web site, Ad Hoc Communications, including broadcast, email or phone.

D.  Flower Ministry
  • To furnish floral and other decorations on the Communion Table, the vestibule table, and other areas designated by the Church;
  • To accept donations of floral or other decorations from the members of the Church;
  • To develop and implement a policy for disposition of flowers or decorations unless claimed by donors.
E.  Greeters Ministry
  • Welcoming visitors and members as they arrive.
  • Directing individuals to appropriate Sunday School classes and Sunday worship services.
  • Answering general questions about FBC
  • Be available, as possible, for other church gatherings involving visitors, such as funerals, choir specials, etc.
  • Greeters should be available 20 minutes prior to each Sunday service or special gathering where services are requested
F. Homebound Ministry
  • Reaches out to homebound members through prayer, calls, visits, and cards;
  • Conducts a monthly rest home visit for a hymn sing and monthly communion with members (on a rotating basis)
  • Keeps in touch with homebound members, realizes any needs they may have, and aiding in any way
  • Help homebound members realize what a vital part they are of our congregation, supplying them with information on current events/needs of our congregation for their prayers

G. Library Ministry
  • To research the area of Christian literature and auxiliary aids and equipment with the goal of coordinating a library within the Church and available to its members for temporary use;
  • To seek training and available consultation in equipping the library with information relevant to Christian life and ministry;
  • To maintain the library, purchasing or renting supplies as needed, and accounting for materials borrowed from the library;
  • To maintain library bulletin boards;
  • To promote use of the library and to accept donations for the library from church members;
  • To work with the Librarian in making and developing the library.

H.  Missions Ministry Council
  • To provide oversight of all Missions activities.
  • To provide feedback to the Personnel Committee as requested.
  • To help promote and support various ministries of the church that are deemed appropriate by the council
  • To evaluate ministry projects as to when they should start and end, and to listen for further opportunities to minister.
  • To promote Christ’s gospel and evangelism throughout the various and sundry projects
  • To evaluate issues of the needy and transients in the area in an effort to provide financial or other assistance to those who meet the criteria of the committee as having legitimate needs.
  • To keep the church informed of the various needs of this community and to encourage involvement in meeting the need of the disadvantaged, handicapped, and poor.
  • To promote and/or initiate missionary training as needed.           
I. Ordinances Ministry
  • To purchase and maintain the elements and equipment used for Baptism and Communion;
  • To prepare and provide for the observance of the Ordinances whenever called for in the Church Calendar or requested by the Pastor;
  • To clean and store ordinance equipment as needed.

J. Children's Ministry
  • To provide oversight of all Children’s Ministry activities.
  • To plan the budget needed to fund all Children’s Ministry activities.
  • To provide feedback to the Personnel Committee as requested.
  • To study the needs of preschoolers and children through 5th grade of our Church as they relate to the laying of their spiritual foundation and care;
  • To motivate and equip volunteers to share in the ministry of touching preschoolers and children through 5th grade with the love of Jesus;
  • To recommend to the Personnel Committee the need for the employment of personnel, and to further develop the preschool and children through 5th grade program.

K. Rose Garden Ministry
  • The Rose Garden Committee shall maintain the Scott Memorial Rose Garden;
  • Members shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees with emphasis placed on appointing members of the Scott family who continue to be members of the Church.

L. Social-Foods Ministry
  • To study the area of church fellowships and functions, entertainment, and receptions, and to make recommendations to the Church in these areas;
  • To assist the Church in the entertaining, lodging, and meals for visiting ministers, denominational workers, and other special guests;
  • To plan, prepare, or serve special meals at the Church when requested.
M. Social-Decorations Ministry
  • To coordinate the decoration of the church for Christmas or any other special church-wide functions and fellowships;
  • To coordinate the Candlelight Tour for Christmas with Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce
  • To coordinate decoration of the sanctuary for Easter (Easter lilies, cross, etc.)
N. Sound System Ministry
  • Prepare for and execute audio functions primarily for Sunday morning worship services;
  • Assist with audio equipment configurations and execute audio functions for special events as necessary.
  • Coordinate ongoing audio needs for the above with worship leaders, including the Pastor, Minister of Music, and the Worship and Music Committee
  • Provide recommendations for audio equipment upgrades and maintenance as necessary.
  • The chair of Sound System Ministry, in addition to the responsibilities above, will be responsible for insuring overall system operation, performance and maintenance, and will oversee all audio product inventory including portable equipment, coordinate the scheduling of sound system engineers to insure coverage for Sunday worship services and special events, and provide budget information as requested.
O. Ushers Ministry
  • To greet and distribute program materials on Sundays or as requested by the Pastor, and to assist in seating as needed;
  • To provide care, order, and security for the Sanctuary;
  • To monitor any potential disruptions and intervene as necessary.
P. Youth Ministry
  • To provide oversight of all Youth activities
  • To plan the budget needed to fund all Youth activities.
  • To provide feedback to the Personnel Committee as requested.
  • To study the needs of youth in the Church and to make recommendations to the Church Council regarding programming and to appropriate committees about other needs;
  • To be a support group to the Minister of Youth and to advise in areas of retreats and other areas of special emphasis;
  • To solicit involvement and support of the Church in regular and special youth activities.
Q.  Prison Ministry
FBC Prison Ministry responds to the needs of inmates and their families as shared by the prison chaplain of the Orange County Correctional Facility.  Some of the different ministries we provide to the prisoners are:
  • Worship Services (monthly by area churches)              
  • Birthday Parties (monthly - FBC November)              
  • Christmas Family Day Breakfast                   
  • Christmas Gifts for chlidren of inmates               
  • Prayer Cards                              
  • Clothing/Hygiene needs                      
  • Administration/Fund raising through AOPM Board participation      
  • Yokefellows (Tues. 7pm-8pm)                      
  • Homemade Cookies at Raleigh Women's Prison              
  • OCC Library Reading materials                      
R. Ad Hoc Committees

By appointment and discretion of the diaconate

1.  Constitution and Bylaws Committee
  • The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall review the Constitution and the Bylaws as needed and shall make recommendations to the Church Conference regarding amendment;
  • Appointment to this committee shall be made by the Diaconate.  Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Diaconate for the time needed to complete the task.

2.  Church Policies Committee
  • This committee shall review the Church Policy Documents as needed and shall make recommendations to the Diaconate regarding revision;
  • Appointment to this committee shall be made by the Diaconate.  Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Diaconate for the time needed to complete the task.
3.   Long Range Committee
  • to study the ongoing needs of the church
  • to make recommendations to the church for implementation of changing ministries
4.   Other Ad Hoc Committees
Other ad hoc Committees may be established and appointed by the Diaconate and the Church Council to study and make recommendations regarding issues not the responsibility of other committees.  These committees shall serve at the pleasure of those appointing and the committees shall be dissolved upon completing their tasks.