Foundational Committees and Ministry Teams

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Foundational Committees

Each committee is designed to address certain needs of our church. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact the correct committee. If you are willing to serve on a committee, please contact the Committee on Committees.

Committee on Committees
Steven Lopez (2015 Chair)
Lynda Hux (2015
Harry Robinson (2014)
Doug Mitchell (2016)

Tom Wilverding (2014 Chair)
Peggy Berryhill (2014)
Sue Bulfin (2014)
Keith Poole (2015)
Jay Harper (2015)
Terry Colville (2016)
Tom Ward (ex officio)

History and Records
Reggie Carter (Chair)
Geralene Champion (2015)
Clarene Bennett (2015)
Janet Marks (2014)
Kent Murray (2015)

Randall Austin (2015)

Billy Bevill (2014)
Alan Cave (2016)
Bobbie Vaughan (2014)
Andy Bass (2015)

Sue Bulfin (2014, chair)
Ken Rothrock (2014)
Julie Laws (2014)
Alfred Carr (2014)
Bill Bulfin (2014)
Bobbie Vaughan (2014)
Jack Frans (2015)
Bob Dobbins (2015))
Barbara Scott (2016)
Susan Skinner (2016)
Nurtia Bullock (2016)

Worship and Music
Dan Bradshaw (2015 Co-Chair)
Julie McGlothlin (2015 Co-Chair)
Stephen Roberts (2015)
Bill Nordan (Ex-officio)
Randy Carter (Ex-officio)

Liz Waters (2014)
Building Security:
Greg Randall (2014)
Cherie Bevill (2014)
Tony Laws (2014)
Stephen Roberts (2014)
Chip Liner (Deacon Contact)
Kevin Spain
Ron Colville (2015)
Church Use:
Louise Bryan (2015)
Cherie Bevill (2014)
Safety Coordinator:
Al DeLancy

Ministry Teams

Bereavement Ministries
Darla Wilverding (Chair)
Lynn Roberts
Joyce Ward
Pat Crabtree
Rachel Hawkins
Geralene Champion
Sue Cates
Joan Dees
Jeanette Wagoner
Sandra Sharpe

Bonnie Ellis
David Morrison
Rose Morrison
Daniella Morrison
Christine & Keith Poole
Brandon & Sheenagh Wagner (co-chair)
Steve Lopez
Donna Hall

Communications and Technology
Bill Bulfin
Robert Compton
Jack Frans
Shirley Robinson

Joyce Rippy (chair)
Sharon Bass
Lynne Laws
Shelba Johnson
Joyce Ward
Carolyn Compton
Sue Pope

Jan Irwin (co-chair)
Al DeLancy
Ellen Yerby
Nurtia Bullock
Bob Dobbins Sr.
Liz Waters
Tom Wilverding
Rose Morrison
Avery Carter

Homebound Ministry Team
Jan Irwin (co-chair)        
Liz Waters (co-chair)
Joan Dees,  Dennis Carey
Nancy Baity, Nancy Kahn
Betty Carr,  Sue Pope
Joyce Ward, Sue Beck
Lillian Swift, Donna Rogers

Nancy Baity
Marion Crabtree
Mary Ray
Dot Faulkner

Mission Ministry Team
Janet Austin
Janet Marks
Susan Harper
Frances Loftis (co-chair)
Terry Colville
Clarene Bennett
Amy Hardee (co-chair)
Jan Irwin
Emily Lopez
Liz Waters
Randy Carter (staff)

Susan Skinner

Caroline Pickard
Darrell Pickard (chair)
Elaine Rogers
Marvin Rogers
Pam Schaub
Joe Hux
Lynda Hux

Children's Ministry
Rebecca Carter
Chris Yerby
Margaret Bradshaw
Leigh Reale
Jay Harper
Janet Austin (ex officio)

Prison Ministry
Steve Lopez
Craig Sims
Jane Byrd
Amy Hardee
Ken Rothrock
Bill Bulfin (contact)
Lynne Laws
Joyce Rippy

Rose Garden - Maintenance:
Sharon Bass (chair)
Andy Bass
Ike Steeley

Rose Garden - Shut-in Ministry/Cutting:
Anne Sims
Lynne Laws

Social (Decorating)
Dail White
Molly Compton (Co-Chair)
Kevin & Debbie Spain
Kaitlyn Dobbins
Betty Ann Dickerson (Co-Chair)
Johanna Johnson
Julie McGlothlin

Social (Food)
Lynn Roberts (Co-Chair)
Dail White (Co-Chair)
Cathy Gage
Ricky Walker
Jan Irwin
Rhonda Cassada
Liz Waters

Sound System
Andy Bass (Chair)
Luke Hall
Steven Lopez
Kent Murray
Ricky Walker
Tom Ward

Usher Ministry
Al DeLancy (co-chair)
Greg Randall (co-chair)
Bill Guill III
Keith Poole
Ike Steeley
Pete Champion
Ken Rothrock
Chip Liner
David Ramos
Ricky Walker
Trent Lopez
Brandon Wagner
David Hricik

Jack Frans
Peggie Murray
Susan Harper
Paula Alford
Bob Dobbins
Art Johnson
Brian Whitehurst
Wendy O'Keefe
Randy Carter (staff)
Jesse Jaquez (Youth Director)

Christian Education Council
Shirley Robinson
Bill Bulfin
Amy Hardee
Debi Anne Steeley

Senior Adult Council
Tony Laws
Lynne Laws
Tom Ward
Joyce Ward
Betty Carr