FBC Administrative Annex: A Historic Perspective

By Reginald Carter, Church Historian

In May 2011, the church’s administrative offices, conference room and library were moved to the parsonage, now known as the administrative annex.  The renovation and move cost $29,000.  Steve Roberts, Ron Colville and Chip Liner oversaw and did much of the renovation work. Betty Ann Dickerson, Susan Harper and Lynn Roberts decorated and purchased furniture while Shirley Robinson, Dot Faulkner, and Reg Carter oversaw the move of offices, library and archives.  Open house was held Sunday May 29th.  The vacated space in the church has been renovated to provide two new Sunday school classrooms and to expand the music department.

The parsonage has served us well for almost 50 years.  Efforts began in July 1960 to build a “new” parsonage to replace the “old” one that was located on S. Wake Street adjacent to the church.  A committee appointed to inspect a lot owned by Calvin Ray deemed the site suitable for a parsonage since it was “in walking distance of the Church, however separated from the Church property by sufficient distance.”  Mr. Ray agreed to sell the lot for $4,800 and donated $500 for this purpose.  The lot extending between West King Street and Margaret Lane had only one drawback; the eastside of the site, “drops down sharply to a branch then rises sharply to the property of B.P. Gordon.”  However, there was ample room to build a two story structure on the west side and the Church voted on August 10, 1960 to purchase the lot with the understanding that if a parsonage was not built, the land would be resold to Mr. Ray for the purchase price.

H.G. Coleman, Jr. chaired a “parsonage study committee,” appointed in February 1961 that recommended on May 20, 1962 that the “construction begin as soon as possible” with plans designed by the committee.  The planning committee became the building committee and on July 1, 1962, the Church authorized the trustees to borrow $20,000 to construct a parsonage.  Open house was held in the new parsonage at 223 West King Street on June 16, 1963.  E. Glen Holt was minister at that time.  The old parsonage was used for Sunday school rooms until it was demolished in 1976 when the educational wing was expanded on each end while Dr. Tom Denton was pastor.

In October 1967, the church voted to fill-in the gully adjoining the parsonage on the eastside.  A culvert with a five foot diameter of steel or concrete was deemed necessary to provide an outlet for a “branch” that ran through the property.   Bill Kennedy had dirt hauled in that was donated by the Piedmont Mining Company at a “conservative” estimated value of $5,000 and donations were received to pay for the culvert and its installation at a cost of $1,350.  Once filled-in, the newly created space was used for parking.   

The parsonage loan was paid off on December 30, 1970. Six ministerial families have lived in the parsonage including the Holts, Simmons, Dentons, Whites, Porters and Carters. After the Carter’s purchased their own home, the parsonage was used by the Youth for their Sunday morning and afternoon small group meetings until renovations began in April 2011.

Like the “old” parsonage that provided educational space after it was vacated in 1963 until it was demolished in 1976, the “new” parsonage continues to serve the Church as an administrative annex.

Published May 2013