Wade Dobbins Bostick

Pastor FBC Hillsborough, 1899-
Wade D. Bostic(k) was called to pastor the church on September 17, 1899 and moderated the church conference the following week on September 23, 1899.  Evangelist J.T. Edmonson preached at the church on June 7, 1900 and Bro. R.P. Walker of the Bethel Baptist Church was ordained at the church on December 28, 1900.1   J.T. Edmonson is listed as the Evangelist for Kentucky in a newspaper article written in 1902.2 Why Bro. Walker was ordained at the Hillsboro church is not known.  He is listed as a new pastor serving the North Henderson Church in the Tar River Association in 1902.3 On the fourth Sunday in March 1901, Bro. Frank Royal, a retired missionary from China, preached.  The exact date of Bostick’s resignation as pastor is not known but it had to have been prior to December 1901 when Charles Maddry was called as pastor.

Wade Dobbins Bostick was born in Rutherford County, NC on Jan. 22, 1874 to Samuel Evans and Jane Price Suttle Bostick.  There were 16 children; three became missionaries to China; Wade, his older brother George Pleasant (G.P.) and their younger sister Attie Texas.  G.P. served in China from 1889-1926.  His first wife Bertha Belle Bryan served with him from 1889-1890 until she died there of small pox.  He remarried a missionary widow, Mary Jane Thornton, and they served together from 1890-1903 when she died there of pneumonia.  His third wife, Lena Gertrude Stover, served with him in China from 1907-1926.  Wade served in China from 1894-1931 before and after his marriage to Flora Holloway in 1901.  Attie served in China from 1900 to 1943.4   She arrived during the Boxer Rebellion and had to cope with many hardships ending with her captured by the Japanese in 1941 and internment for two years.5 Together with their spouses, it is said that the Bostick family served a total of 170 years in China. 

Apparently, Bostick had returned from China to attend Wake Forest College when he met Flora Holloway, a student at nearby Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.  She is listed as graduating from there in 1903.  She was born in Raleigh on July 7, 1878.  She married Bostick on October 23, 1901 about the time that he resigned as pastor of the Hillsboro Church.6 By 1905, they are listed as missionaries to China.  She gave birth to two children, Wade H. (bd. August 11 1907) and Oreon H. (bd. February 23, 1911) while living in Pochow, Anhwei Province, China.7 A 1919 report notes that “Mr. Wade Bostick, of the Southern Baptist Mission, Pochow, Anhwei, is developing in connection with his school, particularly along the lines of garden crops and cattle.8 In a 1924 magazine article describing her tours of the mission field in China, Kathleen Mallory writes:

December 8-11.

But before sundown we reached Pochow where Mr. and Mrs. Wade Bostick hospitably opened their home to us. They live on the boy's school compound, its very well equipped dormitories, and administration building being nearly completed. Near the school is its dairy and not very far off is its farm. These two industries help many boys to work their way through school, while they learn useful trades. As a means of increasing the stock, Mr. Bostick is trying, to sell rugs in America. These rugs are made of dog skins and are really beautiful. When five or more are sent to one address in America the rugs can be sold for about $7 or $10 each, thus netting about $5 a piece for the school.  Certainly I do hope that many who read these travel talks will write for five or more such rugs and sell them in their community. Once you see them you will realize how nice they are and will rejoice in this easy way of helping the boys to help themselves.  Write to Mr. Wade Bostick, Pochow, Anwhel, China.9

So it appears that agricultural development and teaching husbandry skills were important work for Bostick.  He and Flora left China in 1931.  Flora died on April 17, 1934 in North Carolina. Bostick is listed as having a second wife, Estelle Perry Gough.  They were married in Wake Forest on March 3, 1936.6 There is little information on the Internet about his life after returning from China.  He died on September 24, 1944 at age 66.  He is buried in the Sunset Cemetery in Shelby, Cleveland County, NC.10

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Note:  The photograph of Wade Dobbins Bostick was extracted and retouched from an article in the Bible Recorder published on Wednesday, December 08, 1915.  Pg.1.  The article was accessed on March 31, 2012 at: http://recorder.zsr.wfu.edu/Default/Skins/WakeforestA/Client.asp?skin=WakeforestA&AW=1333247219577&AppName=2

Compiled by Reginald Carter, Historian, FBC Hillsborough
Last Updated: March 31, 2012