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Discussion and Learning about Poverty

Saturday, September 13, you are invited to join with others from area

churches and agencies to continue thinking together about poverty in our

town and county. These discussions began in June and have continued

monthly since. The purpose is first to learn about our community, about

needs, about what is happening presently, and what we can do together.

Along with that purpose is to get to know each other and build relationships

that produce the fruit of shared ministry. None of us can tackle the needs


As a church, we have a clear calling to minister with the poor, the hurting,

and the struggling. That’s what this gathering is aiming at.

This is an open meeting, so any and all are invited to attend.

8:30am - Light Breakfast to meet others, FBCH Fellowship Hall

9:00-10:30am - Gathering and Discussion, FBCH Fellowship Hall

Meeting will end at 10:30am sharp

LIFT (Living in Fulness Together)

Ladies, LIFT is geared up for an awesome year of knowing The Lord together and encouraging one another. We will have 3 sessions. A fall session beginning on September 16th. A spring session and a summer session. It is our heartfelt desire that many women from FBCH would make this meeting a priority to participate and minister to one another. There will be just 7 fall meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 6:30p to 8:30p. We have thoroughly enjoyed the diverse age span that has attended LIFT in the past from 25 years old to 80 years old. There is not one demographic: married, single, divorced, widowed. With children, without, with grandkids or not. All are welcome and encouraged to bring their unique perspective and experiences to bless the women of First Baptist.