Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)



  • What kind of “Baptist” church is First Baptist Church of Hillsborough?
    There are many labels out there for churches and Baptist churches: conservative, liberal, moderate, progressive, independent, fundamentalist, and so on.  At FBCH, we have worked hard to push these labels aside for better ones: biblical, missional, evangelical, orthodox, and    ecumenical.  We believe these words better reflect the nature of the church and the purposes of the church.  We have folks who call themselves conservatives; we have folks who call themselves progressives.  But, in the end, we call ourselves Christians.  So, we are a Baptist church that champions historic Christian and Baptist convictions (see the Core Beliefs page) and enjoys a good mix of all kinds of people gathered together under the single banner of Jesus Christ.
  • Where do I park?
    In between West King St. and West Margaret St., we have a parking lot.  You can part anywhere in the parking lot of the church, or if needed, in the small parking area at the Annex (the two-story red brick house beyond the parking lot).  You can also park on West King St. or Wake St.
  • What about handicap / wheelchair accessibility?
    For parking, there are handicap reserved spots at the top of the parking lot close to the building.
    If you need to drop a person off, you can pull directly up to the rear entrance at the parking lot and drop a person off there.  It is only a few short steps from there to the entrance and to the elevator.
    For wheelchairs, you can access all rooms on the first floor at the level of the back entrance.  You can use the elevator to access all rooms on the second floor.  We have a lift to assist wheelchairs from the second floor level into the sanctuary.  Once in the sanctuary, there is room at the front for wheelchair seating.
    FBCH has worked hard to be fully accessible for all who come!
  • Do you have small groups?
    The Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups (Sunday School) function like ongoing small groups.  In additions, we have occasional groups that meet for a special emphasis (a special Bible study, a book study, etc.).
  • What special events do you have throughout the year?
    We focus on special events in conjunction with the Church Calendar (Advent, Christmas Eve,       Christmas Brunch on the Sunday after Christmas Day, Lent, Holy Week Services, Easter activities for children, Easter Brunch on Easter Sunday, and other days throughout the year).
    We gather for community events and community ministry during other important times: Memorial Day Picnic, Trunk or Treat Halloween event, Walk for Hunger, among others.
    We are working diligently to include other special events that benefit the life of the town of Hillsborough and allow us to invite the entire community to be together.
  • Who can I call with other questions?
    You can call the church office at 919.732.8174 to discuss other questions.  You can reach out to our Pastor for further discussions about the church as well (see the “Staff” page for e-mail address).

Sunday Morning Worship

  • What do people wear to worship?
    You will see all kinds of dress on a Sunday morning.  From casual jeans and t-shirts to more dressed up dresses and coats and ties, there is a little bit of everything!  In general, we have stressed the idea “Come as You Are.”  You will also find that our pastor has a range of styles, from suits to jeans.
  • Where do my children go?
    During the 9:45 am hour, we have classes / groups for all ages of children.  A greeter will help you find your way to these rooms.

    During worship at 11:00 am, we have care for infants and preschoolers, we have Children’s Worship for Kindergarten – 4th Grade.  Kindergartners through 4th grade start in worship with parents, are invited to come forward for a Children’s Sermon, and then go to Children’s Worship for the remainder of the service.  Children 5th grade and older participate in the worship service.

    You are ALWAYS free to have your children with you during worship, regardless of age.  If you   need assistance during worship, an usher can help you.
  • What is the worship service like?
    In terms of music, we have a good mix of contemporary worship songs and classic hymns.  We have a tradition of excellent choral music.  In any given worship gathering, you might hear organ, piano, guitar, bass guitar, handbells, or some other instrument.  We work hard to create opportunity for gifts to be utilized in the worship of God.
    The teaching time in worship is typically 20-30 minutes.  We focus on Biblically-based sermons that help you grow in understanding of the Bible and how to live the Christian life in this world.
    Typically, worship also includes other Scripture readings, times of prayer, testimonies, mission /ministry updates, and special emphases throughout the year.
  • What happens on Sunday mornings?
    During the 9:45 am hour, we have Bible study groups for all ages, infant/preschool through adults.  A greeter can get you information about the different groups and you can determine where you might like to visit.
    At 8:30 and 11:00 am, we have our worship gathering.
    In between Bible study and 11:00 worship, there is informal time for catching up with people and fellowship.  We also conduct our baptisms during this time.  We do this so the baptisms have a special focus and so that the entire church can gather to celebrate with those professing their faith.

Wednesday Nights